Lisp, Raspberry Pi 3 and ditching Wordpress

Few quick updates. I've been playing with Lisp and Raspberry Pi some more recently. I got an external TFT screen (a cheap Chinese one) to work and managed to fire up some lispbuilder-sdl example programs. You can see it in action in this YouTube video. By the way, setting that TFT screen up was a bit annoying and is something I plan to describe in full for posterity. Speaking of which, yeah, I got a Raspberry Pi 3. It's just like RPi2, except it has on-board Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - so it's much more convenient to use. SBCL still cannot into threads on ARM, so for now I recommend sticking to CCL, as previously advised. Oh, by the way, I made some bindings to WiringPi 2 for Common Lisp. Also, Nyan Mode got an update too (and there's an experimental click-to-scroll feature on the dev branch)! Now for the big news - I'm finally through dealing with Wordpress. I was planning to eventually ditch it one day and migrate to a simpler system of my own making (written in Common Lisp, of course!), but the recent hack I fell victim of made me convinced that the change must happen sooner rather than later. I'm not sure how the new blog / home site will look like, but I have some design goals:
  • Maintaining of original URLs of all archival posts. Cool URIs don't change, etc.
  • Efficiency. The blog itself will probably be handled by a static site generator (I'm exploring options at the moment). I don't see the reason to burn so much coal a Wordpress invocation does for what amounts to a bunch of static page with text and images.
  • Emacs-based management, via Org Mode in particular. I hope to reach the ability to write posts purely in Org Mode, and have them published straight from Emacs, automagically updating stuff like sitemaps and RSS feeds.
  • A decent support for storing essays and wiki-like-articles (that require versioning and easy viewing of change history as well as linking to old versions).
See you soon!