The site is written in HTML5 and CSS3. The font used on it is called Raleway. To generate site files, I used a static site generator, Regenerate2, that I wrote in Common Lisp.

For making this site in Lisp, I used:

  • SBCL - a Common Lisp compiler
  • CL-WHO - to generate HTML
  • LASS - to generate CSS
  • colorize - to colorize source code snippets and embed documentation links in them
  • Plump, Plump-SEXP, CLSS - for occasional fixing of imported HTML documents "on the fly"

Why a minimalistic and static site? Because I believe that conveying information using text does not require wasting electricity on running heavy processes server-side, and also one should not push lots of useless computation onto visitor's browser.

Why Lisp? Why not?